LS-68-M Multi-Channel PCM Processing & Recording System with UDP Streaming

LS-68-M  Multi-Channel PCM Processing and Recording System with UDP Streaming

The Lumistar LS-68-M Modular Multi-Channel processing and recording Telemetry Processing System offers an ultra-small, low-cost, high-performance, multi-channel COTS solution for PCM data synchronization, decommutation and simulation applications. Building on the legacy of the Lumistar LS-45, LS-50, LS-55 and LS70 series of products, the LS-68-M enhances the feature sets of each of these product lines and supplies them in a format requiring no hardware drivers in an “OS-less” environment. The LS-68-M utilizes a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet interface for primary controls and data streaming.

The LS-68-M employs the most current sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies. In essence, the LS-68-M acts as a configurable network device offering three real-time UDP network streaming ports that can support a multitude of PCM Frame Synchronizer/Decommutator and Real-Time PCM Simulator combinations. Licensing options allow the user to utilize the processing platform in a configuration containing three PCM Frame Synchronizer/Decommutators for one application and then redefine the same platform for a different application needing two PCM Frame Synchronizer/Decommutators along with a single Real-time PCM Simulator.

The LS-68-M supports up to three PCM frame synchronizers, up to two “real-time” PCM Simulators, and an IRIG/1PPS/PTP time synchronization engine. PCM Frame Synchronizer/Decommutators are IRIG 106 Class I and II compliant. Data can be supplied to the processing platform as single-ended or high-speed differential clock and data inputs. The resulting data can be streamed via IPv4 UDP data packets. If the user requires analog PCM inputs, the LS-68-M can offer up to two fully AGC / baseline controlled PCM bit synchronizer channels with software selectable input impedance.

The LS-68-M can also provide a very powerful “real-time” PCM simulation capability. This interface allows data to be streamed to the unit which will then serialize and transmit the PCM after output encoding the data. This functionality can be used for replaying archived data as well as adding the ability for a host of data modification processes.

The LS-68-M contains an IRIG, 1PPS and PTP (IEEE-1588) time synchronization reader to time-tag incoming data. The time reader can synchronize IRIG A, B and G formats. Included as a standard feature is an IRIG and 1PPS generator for occasions where one or more LS-68-Ms are being used in locations where a time source may not be available. There is an optional battery backed Real-time clock and calendar option available for those who want to have relative time adherence even in environments where no such source exists.

The LS-68-M can be equipped with optional on-board data storage for each of the defined channels. In the case that the channel has been defined as a Frame Synchronizer/Decommutator this storage will be used to record real-time data for post event download. In the case that the channel has been defined as a PCM simulator, this on-board storage can be uploaded with a playback file and the onboard firmware will play the resulting file as a simulated PCM stream.

Click here for LS-68-M Datasheet

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