This statement identifies the principles that the management and employees of Lumistar are expected to use in the daily operations of the business.

We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers while achieving profitable growth in an honest and respectful environment with our employees, suppliers and sub-contractors.

We will listen to the needs of the industry and apply our engineering knowedge and manufacturing capability to provide products that set the benchmark for the competition. We will provide the employees with the appropriate tools to enhance their performance and allow us to achieve rapid innovation of new designs with minimal time to market. We will never become arrogant and forget that we are in a competitive marketplace.

We will achieve and maintain the excellence of our products and attempt to make them without parallel. Our customer support will provide the most timely response that can be achieved and our warranty will be the finest in the industry.

We understand that the attitude of our employees is the key to providing superior products with world-class support. We will strive to keep an excellent relationship between the management and employees by treating all employees with the courtesy and respect that they deserve. We will expect all of our employees to treat our customers with the same respect. We will provide an excellent compensation and benefit package for our employees, competitive with the best in the industry.

We value the relationship with our suppliers and sub-contractors and realize that, without them, we would be incapable of providing the superior quality items to the industries that we serve.

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