Lumistar, Inc. is located in Carlsbad, California and was founded by a group of experienced telemetry engineers who wanted to create a “customer friendly” telemetry company. We appreciate working in the Flight Test community, and truly enjoy designing, building and supporting the telemetry products we manufacture. We are primarily a hardware company, and strive to make our products as functional and applicable to as wide a range of requirements as we can. While we understand that one size will not fit all, our products can be configured to meet almost all user needs. If you do not see the product you need, but something comes close, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lumistar is an employee owed company, which means the quality of the product, the ease of use, and the support of products for your mission critical application is our only concern. We make every decision based upon what is right for the our customers.

These are our tenets:

  • Provide excellent products for a reasonable price
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of parts to to meet our customer delivery requirements
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality Control to ensure reliable operation of our products
  • World-Class Technical Support and Training to ensure that you will be a repeat customer

Lumistar’s primary business expertise is the design and manufacture of many different board-level and modular telemetry components for PCI, PCIe and cPCI computer buses, as well as many products that have USB, 232 and Ethernet interfaces. Even VME and ISA Legacy products are still supported on request.

Lumistar provides products to the Flight Test and Space User Community is three ways.
Lumistar provides a variety of COTS components that are of standardized designs. Often they are available from stock with short lead times, or can be purchased as a make to order item when not in stock. Our component product line and features includes receivers, downconverters, upconverters, demodulators, bit synchronizers, decommutators, bit error rate readers, spectral and O-scope displays, RF test signal generators/simulators, dynamic data simulators with RF outputs, D/A converters and portable test antennas.  Our engineering capabilities allow a wide range of customization of these COTS Products. So if you don’t find the exact component you are looking for please ask us. It’s likely we may have done something similar already!

Because Lumistar has such a wide breadth of Component level products, we can easily offer a custom integrated system derived from these components. Most custom integrated systems are produced by working hand in hand with the end user so that the exact requirements can be determined. Using this interaction, we will build a “tailored” solution in one of many rack-mount or portable enclosures. We are also happy to integrate third party products (such as timing, ARINC, GPS, 1553, etc.) in to our custom integrated systems. If you are thinking about buying components and building your own customized system, it just might pay to talk to us first.

Lumistar builds several flexible/extensible receiving and telemetry processing systems with fixed hardware implementations. However, the number of functions these systems can perform varies widely, as they each can be assigned firmware-based “personalities”. Our new LS-28-DRSM series products (circa 2017) are an excellent example of a single hardware platform with a wide array of functional applications.

Lumistar would like to thank the original founders and engineers who created our initial success:  John Reeser,  David Penharlow, Walt Frawley, and Glenn Toennes. We look forward to supporting flight test telemetry in the upcoming decades with our new generation of dedicated personnel with the continuing belief that the Customer is Number One and “What is good for the customer is good for Lumistar”.


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