Command Data Telemetry Simulators offer a dynamic way to create or change a PCM data stream on a word by word basis on the fly. This PCM data stream can be used to modulate an FM or SOQPSK RF output at S-Band or L-Band. In addition to simulating a new telemetry stream, the telemetry simulators can play back and loop an archived data file (which can also be changed on the fly) or create pseudo-random patterns.

LS-11-F portable FM Test Transmitter

LS-11-F portable FM Test Transmitter

LS-11-F – Telemetry Transmitter for FM only with up to 3 bands [Data sheet]

LS-11-M – Telemetry Transmitter for FM, SOQPSK and Multi-h CPM modulations and up to 3 bands [Data sheet]

LS-70-S – Dynamic Data Simulator [Data sheet]

LS-77-SS – Dual Channel Dynamic Data Simulator [Data sheet]

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