Question 1: Where did Lumistar come from?
Answer 1:
Lumistar was founded in March 2000 with a dedicated professional staff of engineers with extensive experience in the Telemetry industry. The experience of the initial employees (more than 100 years between the key employees) was obtained in various aerospace and telemetry companies. In 2005 Lumistar was acquired by Integral Systems Inc. A publicly traded company located in Lanham MD. In 2013 the key employees were able to purchase the name, trademark, IP and assets of Lumistar from the publicly traded entity, and Lumistar is now a privately held C corp.

Question 2: Is Lumistar a “spin-off” from another company?
Answer 2:
Yes and No. The experience gained by our key employees over the years is a result of both formal education and experience at many telemetry companies throughout the United States. Some of these companies are now extremely large while others are no longer in business today.

Question 3: Can a board level, open-architecture product perform as well as a proprietary box level product?
Answer 3:
Absolutely, please compare our data sheets to those of any products in the industry.

Question 4: Everybody says their systems are “Open Architecture”, but some of them seem to be really a proprietary architecture that require us to purchase additional products from the same company. Is the Lumistar hardware really open architecture?
Answer 4:
We have designed our boards to be usable in most computers and to be used with other 3rd party boards. However, there are numerous brands of computers available in the marketplace, and not all of them follow good design philosophy. Please select your computer carefully and 1) make sure that the power supply will support the cards that you intend to install, 2) card slots are clear of obstructions such as thermal control devices like CPU cooling fans, and 3) sufficient airflow exists inside the computer for the cards that you plan to install.

Question 5: We have some computer systems that have Windows XP and others that have Widows 7 as the operating systems. Is this a problem with the Lumistar software?
Answer 5:
No, the Lumistar software is designed to operate using Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit. To use Windows 7 64 bit, you will need to download the 64 bit drivers for our cards. We can still support Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, but prefer not to. Ultimely, Lumistar plans to make all of its products free from an OS, and go back to the appliance approach to products. This has happened for our receivers (LS-27-B) and is on going.

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