LS-28-DRSM Modular Multi-Band Dual Channel Data Receiving/Combining/Recording/Processing System

LS-28-DRSM Multi-band Dual-channel Receiver/Combiner

Lumistar LS-28-DRSM Series Modular DataReceiver/Combiner/Processor:

This is Lumistar’s newest most compact and capable telemetry product.
The LS-28-DRSM Series is designed specifically to support Flight Test and Space Telemetry Ops.

LS-28-DRSM Series Features:

  • Flexible/Extensible Personalities
  • Ether to Ethernet capabilities
  • Ideal for Fixed Ground, Mobile, Airborne and Remote Applications
  • Ideal for Integration into Tracking Antenna Pedestal
     Modular Configuration
  • About the Size of a Hard Drive!
     Dual Channel – up to Six Band Receiving and Diversity Combining Functions
  • 200 MHz to 7 GHz
     RF to Ethernet UDP Data Packet Option in a Single Handheld Unit
  • IRIG-218 or CH10
  • CCSDS Optional
  • Giga Bit Ethernet Data Independent of Traditional Bit Sync Outputs
     RF to Traditional Bit Sync Clock/Data
  • TTL and Differential High Speed 422 Simultaneously
     RF to Decom over UDB Data Packets (Optional)
     Multi-Mode Demod Formats Licensed
  • Digital PCM/FM, Analog FM, SOQPSK, Multi-H CPM, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, AUQPSK, PCM/PM, Subcarrier, NTSC and PAL de-emphasis
  • Data rates to 60 Mbps
     Three 70 MHz IF Outputs
  • CH1/CH2 and Combined
     Three Independent Bit Syncs
  • For CH1/CH2 and Combined
  • Dual Channel Bit Sync Mode
    Lumistar LS-28-DRSM Series Modular Data Receiver/Combiner/Processor
    From Ether to Ethernet
     Data Recording and Playback (Optional)
  • 32 GB per data channel
  • CH1/CH2 and Combined
     4 dB Noise Figure, 120 dB Dynamic Range
     +10 dBm Operational, +30 dBm Non-Damage
     Spectral Displays (Standard)
     Oscope Displays (Standard)
     Bit Error Rate Reader (Standard)
     Test Signal Generation
  • Excellent for Loop Back Tests
  • Internally Generated Data Patterns
  • Internal PRN Data and User Defined Frame Patterns
  • Future Expansion to 70 MHz Modulator
     With Doppler Shift Feature
     With User Defined Multipath Simulation Feature
     User Defined I/O Pins
  • Allows Monitoring “User Defined” Signal Conditions
     Independent Dual Channel Antenna Tracking Receiver Function
  • User Programmable AGC outputs
  • Extremely Linear, High Sensitivity
  • User Programmable and Lowpass Filtered AM outputs
     Data IF Bandwidth Resolution 10 KHz
  • Over 40,000 IF Bandwidth Selections
  • Bandwidth Selections <50 KHz to 40 MHz
     No OS
  • Control / Status over Ethernet, USB, RS-232
  • Serial Control/Status is Independent of Ethernet Control/Status
     IRIG Time Inputs for Time Stamp of Ethernet Data Packets
     Small Size and Weight
  • 6.00” x 4.00” x 1.67”
  • Under 1 kg
  • Perfect for integration in to Antenna Pedestal or Feed
     RF in, Ethernet Data Out
  • Can Be Integrated in to Rack Mounted Chassis Configurations
     Dual/Quad Channels or more in a single chassis
     Single Rail Power Supply
  • +9 to +42 VDC Operation
  • 40 watts typical, mode dependent

Please See Data Sheet, SCD, ICD, Quick Start Guide and User Manual for more technical information

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