LS-28-DRSM “P1 version”

Aerospace Testing International, 2019

LS-28-DRSM “P1 version”, as seen in July 2019 issue of Aerospace Testing International magazine. This is a very popular configuration of the Modular LS-28-DRSM. We call it the “P1 version”….Portable, Lunchbox.  It’s also available in Modular (4x6x1.7 inches) and 1U Rack Chassis configuration. Once again, a complete Telemetry System that…

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LS-68-M Multi-Channel PCM Processing & Recording System with UDP Streaming

LS-68-M  Multi-Channel PCM Processing and Recording System with UDP Streaming The Lumistar LS-68-M Modular Multi-Channel processing and recording Telemetry Processing System offers an ultra-small, low-cost, high-performance, multi-channel COTS solution for PCM data synchronization, decommutation and simulation applications. Building on the legacy of the Lumistar LS-45, LS-50, LS-55 and LS70 series…

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LS-28-DRSM Modular Multi-Band Dual Channel Data Receiving/Combining/Recording/Processing System

Lumistar LS-28-DRSM Series Modular DataReceiver/Combiner/Processor: This is Lumistar’s newest most compact and capable telemetry product. The LS-28-DRSM Series is designed specifically to support Flight Test and Space Telemetry Ops. LS-28-DRSM Series Features: Flexible/Extensible Personalities Ether to Ethernet capabilities Ideal for Fixed Ground, Mobile, Airborne and Remote Applications Ideal for Integration…

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