The Lumistar LS-26 Series Airborne FM Receiver and/or Bit Synchronizer is based on the popular LS-25-P2 PCI Receiver and LS-40-DB20 Bit Synchronizer Daughterboard designs with ruggedized packaging to survive the most severe airborne conditions. The LS-26 is available in several configurations: 1) Airborne FM receiver only (without bit synchronizer), 2) Airborne FM receiver with bit synchronizer, or 3) Airborne bit synchronizer only. Models with receivers are available in S-band or lower-L band as standard. Other RF bands are available, please consult the factory for details. The modular design consists of an RF to IF down-converter, 70 MHz IF receiver with FM demodulation, bit synchronizer, and airborne power supply. The appropriate modules are selected for the desired application on manufacturing and installed in the appropriate machined aluminum enclosure which will meet the most severe airborne environments.

LS-26 Series Airborne FM Receiver/Bit Synchronizer

LS-26 Series Airborne FM Receiver/Bit Synchronizer

LS-26-S –  S or L band FM Receiver [Data sheet]

LS-26-SB – S or L band FM receiver with Bit Synchronizer [Data sheet]

LS-26-B – Airborne Bit Synchronizer [Data sheet]

LS-27-B – Dual Channel “Drive Bay” FM ruggedized receiver [Data sheet]

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