Virgin Orbit’s second LauncherOne mission uses Lumistar Telemetry!

Virgin Orbit LauncherOneLumistar is proud to have participated in the recent flight test of Virgin Orbit’s second mission of LauncherOne on Sunday January 17, 2021, named Launch Demo 2. Lumistar’s LS-28-DRSM series of Telemetry Receiving/Processing and Data Recording hardware was employed during the mission. Using Lumistar’s products, Virgin Orbit’s team of Flight Test Engineers were able to capture real time telemetry throughout the entire flight, providing the data from LauncherOne to the Virgin Orbit crew for real time viewing and post-mission analysis. The company announced on Twitter during the mission: “According to telemetry, LauncherOne has reached orbit!” As Mark McWhorter, Lumistar’s VP of Sales & Marketing, mentioned after the Test: “Lumistar engineers and support staff have historically provided hundreds of hours of assistance working with the Virgin Orbit engineering team. We are pleased to be a partner in their success”.

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