“Revolutionary Size Reductions in Ground Telemetry and Airborne Data Re-Transmission Stations” 

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Less than 20 years ago, a typical telemetry ground station used for Flight Test applications was 8 feet tall, weighed 250 kg, consumed several thousands of watts electrical power, was difficult to operate, & had poor reliability. Today’s revolutionary modular telemetry products from Lumistar reduce the entire system envelope down to a hand-held product, under 1 kg and 50 watts. These revolutionary size / weight / power reductions also offer significant advantages in the use of airborne telemetry receiving and re-radiation systems. By attending the webinar, you will be introduced to the cutting edge next generation benefits of Lumistar’s new Modular technology.


Ben Sampson
Ben Sampson, Editor
Aerospace Testing International
Mark McWhorter
Mark McWhorter
VP Sales & Marketing
Lumistar, Inc.
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